Our specialist survey team utilises UAV surveys to compile georeferenced orthorectified maps. This data can then be exported for use with a client's own Geographic Information System (GIS). An orthomosaic land survey provides geotagged images which have the same lack of distortion as a map. Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophotograph can be used to measure true distances. Survey parameters are defined by client requirements and can be exported in various formats.


Agricultural Surveys

Using satellite imagery and combining the red and infra-red bands from the imagery obtained during our agricultural drone surveys, Wide Horizons can provide detailed crop health visualisation utilising Normalised Difference Vegetation Index or NDVI to indicate the relative health of vegetation.

Survey areas can be accurately pre-planned before site setup, and by utilising drone technology to collect the data required, agricultural surveys can be completed in a non-intrusive manner.



Wide Horizons has the capabilities to carry out aerial drone surveys of land and river basins. From the data collected, the Wide Horizons team can build an interactive 3D Model to promote, understand or as a measurement tool. Using accurate phototgrammetry data, the 3D model created can provide an accurate platform to extract measurements for future planning and understand and evaluate the existing topography of the land.



Utilising our fully qualified, CAA approved UAV operators, Wide Horizons can provide elevated photography portfolios for potential development land to accompany planning submissions or for marketing purposes. Wide Horizons are capable of obtaining imagery from ground level up to 122m vertically. We can provide an efficient and effective means to capture the photography needed.