Progress Photography

Wide Horizons has gained extensive experience in aerial photography of construction projects, from pre-construction through development to final completion. The means contractors and clients can gain unparalleled imagery of projects from heights and angles that previously wouldn’t be possible. Further to this, we can also offer full cinematography services to capture and edit videos for advertising and showcasing the development.


Site Analysis

Project inception and location analysis can both benefit from the inclusion of aerial photography. Our aerial platforms can capture imagery from ground level up to 400ft vertically, displaying the entire site as well as its relation to its surroundings. This then provides stronger information to aid in the decision-making process of whether or not a site is suitable for its intended use.


3D Modelling

Wide Horizons has the capabilities to carry out aerial drone surveys of development land. From the data collected, we can then build an interactive 3D model to promote, understand or as a measurement tool. Using accurate photogrammetry data, the 3D model created can provide an accurate platform to extract measurements for potential building areas and understand and evaluate the existing topography of the land.