Roof Condition Survey

Roof Condition Surveys using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can identify defects and the condition of brickwork and other external coverings, using UAV’s to carry out inspection, increasing efficiency and providing clearer data.


Building Condition Survey

UAV technology, as well as traditional ground-based building surveying, provides our clients with a comprehensive report by our Qualified Building Surveyors. These are carried out by the client's specifications and business requirements.


Schedule of Condition

If you are leasing business premises in the UK, you are required to leave the property in a certain level of condition as stated in your lease. We can provide a survey of the commercial roof areas, that you can refer to in order to avoid ambiguity in liability.


Preventative Maintenance Surveys

Commercial roof maintenance is a vital part of keeping a building performing for you. UAV maintenance inspections can be completed in a fraction of time compared to traditional surveying methods, we can compile a strategic Preventative Maintenance Report.


Pest Control Surveys

A building's state of condition can be affected severely by the presence of pest infestations. Wide Horizons aerial surveying team can provide photographic a video condition report to pest control companies, measured through photographic reporting.