A poor quality Schedule of Dilapidations can be costly for Commercial Landlords

A commercial lease is an agreement or contract between you as the landlord and the Tenant for the lease of business premises. In short, the lease is a grant to the Tenant for a period of time, during which the Landlord gives exclusive possession of the property for the benefit of the Tenant in return for an agreed amount and term length. Leases will differ in regards to what elements of the property the tenant will be expected to repair and maintain, and so dependant on a number of factors and specific requirements may differ from case to case.

As landlords, you will want to keep your position as straight forward as possible, and so will, in the majority of cases offer commercial premises on a Full Repair and Insure Lease. This ensure’s that the obligation to keep the premises maintained and in a good state of repair is with the Tenant.

Fast forward to the end of the lease period, and it is at this point that you as the Landlord will arrange for a Schedule of Dilapidations to be undertaken and served to the Tenant.


As a landlord, this is the time when capturing defects present and understating the true condition of the premises is key to ensuring your asset is returned in a reasonable and fair condition. As a result, how this schedule is executed and the means used to complete it can have a large bearing on the quality of the information you use to serve your dilapidation’s claim. In the past, elements which have been hard to view or difficult to access have been neglected and so the financial cost if defects are missed can be significant. The use of specialist surveying techniques can improve the quality of survey deliverables directly improving the information used to compile a claim of dilapidations are captured and recorded. The use of a UAV Surveying firm such as ourselves ensure that high level elements and roof areas are surveyed with as much detail as those accessible at ground level, ensuring important items which may affect the dilapidations claim.

At Wide Horizons Surveying Specialists we are undertake a large range of traditional and specialist surveys for a number of commercial clients and their appointment managing agents. To discuss our services in more detail or find out how we can work with you on your next Schedule of Dilapidations, contact us today and speak with our Building Surveying team.


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