A large percentage of commercial premises in the UK are constructed using roofing systems which utilise metal cladding such as corrugated steel or aluminum sheets. Over time, and as a result of weathering the sheets can become subject to a process known as cut edge corrosion. With some statistics showing that 60% of metal roof systems suffer with the effects of cut edge corrosion – ensuring that proper identification and maintenance is undertaken to the roof structure is paramount to the longevity of its lifespan.

Cut edge corrosion occurs to the sheet laps and sheet ends on a profiled metal roof. Often Pre-finished manufactured roof sheets are cut to length to suit the building layout or roof design. As a result of this, the areas where cuts are located are at most risk to corrosion.

The corrosion itself happens where the coating delaminates and then peels and flakes back from the sheet edge. The biggest cause of this action is the effects of weathering, and, if left untreated can cause corrosion and perforation of the roof sheets and leaks into your property. If left unidentified and untreated, manufacturer warranties can become void and replacement of the roof sheets is the only suitable method of repair. To avoid the major expense of replacing entire roof sheets and whole roof systems ongoing inspection and maintenance is key to ensuring longevity and cost saving over the lifespan of the roof.


Wide Horizons UAV surveying team carry out detailed roof surveys to identify issues such as cut edge corrosion to roof sheets, gutters and eaves compiling all findings into a comprehensive condition report. Once complete we can then assist clients in advising them on the most effective next steps to reduce its effects or remove them completely. As with many roof related maintenance issues, early identification is key and our UAV surveying methods ensure quick turnaround on surveys with minimal or no down time for day to day site operation and significant reduction in safety, time and cost implications.

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