As part of the acquisition of a commercial unit, Wide Horizons UAV building surveying team was appointed to conduct a comprehensive roof survey of all roof areas of the commercial premises. Our client required a detailed report to be compiled to include data to allow defects to be identified, lapse in maintenance works to be understood and measurement data to be captured to allow budget costs for remedial works to be completed.


The solution was built up of a two-stage survey process. The first was for our qualified building surveyors to conduct a comprehensive roof condition survey of all roof areas, eaves and rain water good within the site perimeter using our UAV team to capture defects and damage to the roof structure. Once this was completed, an accurate 3D model of the roof area was compiled using specialist software, which would then allow our surveying team to extract measurements and dimensions of defects, roof panels and gutter.


The project resulted in the completion of a comprehensive condition survey report which included more detailed information on the roof condition due to the use of commercial drone technology. The information provided within the report included a detailed defect plan which allowed the client to identify issues quickly and efficiently along with detailed descriptions of defects found with dimensions which would then be used to create budget costs for refurbishment and repair works. The final report was then issued to the client providing them with a comprehensive and concise document which was achieved without the need to restrict access to the centre or require the need for MEWP access to be arranged to complete the survey.

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