Our client wanted to undertake a site wide roof condition survey project to ascertain the truck condition of the roof systems ahead of commencement of major maintenance and potential reroofing schemes. During the initial project meetings, two main challenges we identified, the first was the number of roof areas and buildings to be included, and the second was the variety of roof systems which were to be included within the scope.


To ensure a good understanding of the roof areas, our building surveying team decided to undertake both a thermal and optical survey of the roof areas. This ensured that a clear understanding of the roof condition was achieved by incorporating two separate survey techniques. Defects on the metal systems to the pitched roof areas benefited from the optical images which were reviewed and assessed by our building surveying team while the thermal data captured allowed the team to assess and identify areas of the multiple flat roofs which have suffered from water ingress and failures.


On completion of the project, our surveying team had completed two separate individual reports for both the optical and thermal surveys.
To aid in ease of reviewing the finding of the surveys, the team then compiled and executive report which highlighted key issues, defects and major areas of concern of places of further investigation. The reports were then used by the main contractor to work with the client to plan works and maintenance tasks accurately and to realists time scales.

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