Two challenges were identified in the early stages of understanding the clients brief on this project, this first was time. The client was looking to undertake the surveys as quickly as possible, the second was the need to undertake the survey without any downtime to the sites operation. The project required a comprehensive survey of all external and internal areas of the site highlighting defects and recording the condition of every area and element of the building fabric.
Due to the client's requirement to keep the site fully operational while the surveys were ongoing, and the challenges associated with it being a congested site, the Wide Horizons specialist surveying team was appointed to offer a service which would meet the client's objectives while safely overcoming the challenges present.


To address the access issues and ensure time efficiency on site, the external roof areas, chimney, gutters and elevations were surveyed using our specialist's UAV surveying team. By using the safe access flat roof areas as a base, the team was able to carry out a comprehensive inspection of every square metre of the external roof space in great detail without the need for personnel to physically be on the fragile saw-tooth roof system. This alone saved the requirement for a MEWP to be on the site during the surveys which may have impacted the workflow of the sites day to day operation. To complete the internal areas of the premises, our building surveying team worked alongside managers and team leaders on the site to work around staff and utilise quiet periods on the factory floor. Combined, this ensured a solution which met the client's requirements of the report while also overcoming the challenges identified.


The final report provided an accurate record of the condition of the site as a whole. Through the use of our specialist surveying techniques, we were able to omit many of the standard building surveying caveats and ensure the building condition report was a full and complete document. Furthermore, by ensuring we understood the use of the report at inception of the project. Our team was able to include a severity traffic light rating for all defects and life span expectations for various elements and materials. This was key to the client who was wanting to use the document for maintenance planning going forward.

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