Our client was aiming to understand the roof condition of a leisure centre based in the south of England which was suffering from water ingress. The client required a detailed survey to be undertaken without the need for car parking facilities or day to day operation of the premises to be compromised, finally, the survey had to be completed to meet specific time constraints. The project was to include information being captured of all roof areas, eaves and visible rainwater goods which would then be used to create a comprehensive condition report. The client instructed the Wide Horizons team to provide a cost effective and efficient solution which would still produce the detail required without the need for a MEWP and difficult access solutions to be installed to the roof area.


By working with our client to ensure timescales were understood and achievable, the Wide Horizons UAV team worked alongside the building occupiers and consultants to plan the survey to be completed at an off-peak time to ensure minimal disruption to members and centre visitors. The team then carried out the roof condition survey with the use of UAV’s, allowing the quality and detail required to be captured by surveying every square metre of the roof area from ground level. This ensured detailed imagery of all roof materials, junctions and defects were captured and then included within the report.


The project resulted in the completion of a comprehensive condition survey report which included more detailed information on the roof condition due to the use of commercial drone technology. The information provided within the report included a detailed defect plan which allowed the client to identify issues quickly and efficiently along with detailed descriptions of defects found. The final report was then issued to the client providing them with a comprehensive and concise document which was achieved without the need to restrict access to the centre or require the need for MEWP access to be arranged to complete the survey.

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