The scope of this project was to undertake a schedule of condition to the roof structure of two high level high buildings at a large chemical works plant. The client had stated that buildings in question had to remain operational along with minimal to-no disruption being caused to the wider site as a whole. During the initial project meeting, the client had advised that previous surveys of this type had been undertaken during shut down periods only, and so a solution which would mitigate the need to wait for planned shutdown would increase productivity for the client teams involved.


With the use of our UAV surveying team, Wide Horizons was able to provide a solution which would allow the surveys to be undertaken while the building and wider site stayed operational, furthermore the survey process proposed offered a significant time saving as well as considerable cost saving in comparison to traditional methods.
Due to the nature of the site and the equipment based there, communication and collaborative working was key. Wide Horizons staff worked closely with the site teams to ensure all panning was detailed and comprehensive, ensuring the client was kept informed and consulted at every stage.
The survey plan included an itemised process which ensured every element of the roof was surveyed and imagery captured, this information would then be reviewed and the findings fed into the final condition report.


On completion of the project, our surveying team had completed two separate individual reports for two high level buidlings within the site.
The survey methods allowed a us to complete the project with a 47% time saving and a welcomed 30% cost saving for our client when compared to a traditional survey costing model.
The final reports provided a clear, concise view of the roof condition and areas of concern with the confidence that is was completed by qualified building surveyors.
The project was a complete success with the client instructing Wide Horizons on additional survey work for various other building and structures across their circa 350 acre chemical plant which services clients within the UK and internationally.

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